About Us

WeLoveCharity , with the motto "For you, your hopes and your dreams", was created on Wednesday , April 27 , 2011 by two 14-year old Filipinos,Mark Francis S. Basan (MarkeeTeeVee) and Karlo O. Maglasang (Novasixx) with the guidance of Mr. Charlie D. Lacastesantos(Bong), a Christian Living teacher.

This blog's sole mission is to give aid to the poor,the needy and the distressed in achieving their dreams and fulfilling their hopes for the future, through the team's little own ways. The charities chosen will be the charities based in their local area, Iligan City, Philippines.

The team's still accepting for more contributors in the following areas.
1.) Writers
2.) Photojournalists
3.) Visual Design
If you want to apply, leave me a message @ markeeteevee@gmail.com or mark_basan_billiejean@yahoo.com. Please include why you think you are eligible for the job and a sample article/project.

Thank you.

*to be updated in the future*

April 28 ,2011.